Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Making It Happen TV Update by Victoria Lee

Making It Happen TV with guest Eastman Curtis

Making It Happen TV promotes the book by Tony Twist - "Strokin Along"

Walk By Faith

I was driving down the highway last night thinking about all the things I wanted to accomplish.  
I wasn't sure about some of the next steps that needed to happen.
Then the thought came to me - that's what Faith is all about.
God only shows you one step or a few steps at a time and it's up to you to keep taking the steps.

Even when you don't see a thing - God is still lighting the path just ahead.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Discovering the Way to Walk Out of Fear Part One - Victoria Lee

If I could rewrite the seasons of my life, I would choose never to be afraid. Instead, I would embrace the challenges that occur with a sense of wonder and amazement. I spent too many years allowing disappointments and trials to defeat me only to find out decades later the trials had been used as opportunities of growth.

Someone once said the word “fear” stood for False Evidence Appearing Real. Yet, for those who are challenged by fear, the adrenaline that runs through their body at that moment feels anything but false.

The good news is after many years of struggling with the debilitating effects of fear, I can tell you that fear really is the equivalent of a speck of sand we build into a giant pyramid in our own minds.

Our mind truly is our battlefield. Very seldom do the things we fear deserve the incredible negative attention we give them.

When I was a small child, my home life was very unstable. As a result, it helped set a pattern of expected defeat in my young mind. My father was an alcoholic and very abusive. My mother was extremely young and na├»ve; she really wasn’t capable of guiding me through the hurdles of life that terrified me.

To a child, the uncertainties often hide the truth in a situation. We fear the unknown because our past experiences have often proven to be everything we feared. In reality, the fear we exhibited magnetically drew the devastation to us.

Most parents of fearful children are living in a realm of fear themselves. This situation causes the cycle of fear to be repeated from one generation to the next.

If I could pass a bill in Congress, it would be one that requires all school systems to add a program to their curriculum that teaches children how to overcome adversity. The program would teach them how to “look at a glass as half full rather than half empty” or even “how to turn negative thoughts into incredible avenues of growth” -- in other words, a “NO FEAR” class.

The only thing you have to fear is fear itself –the belief in False Evidence Appearing Real.



Friday, May 6, 2016

Music Artist Promoter Jim Halsey's Wisdom Tip

Never Give Up

"In order to truly be successful, you have to believe in your dream.  When the hard times come you don't give up.  If you give up, somebody will be right behind you and pick up where you left off and finish your dream for you and you will be standing back wishing - what if."

My take on Jim's Wisdom Tip

I believe all God-given dreams are planted deep within you.  They are dreams that you know are bigger than you are. They stay planted in you and the desire never goes away.  You can go about doing other things but the dream stays with you wherever you go.  The key is believing in the dream and taking one step at a time until it comes from the dream state into reality.

Meteorologist Gary England's Wisdom Tip

Step Into the Unknown

No matter where life leads you, success is always right around the corner if you don't turn off too early onto the proverbial "dead end" road.

It is one thing to talk about what you want to accomplish, but quite another thing to actually step into the unknown arena and cause those dreams to come true.  Things of great value frequently appear in disguise.

Nothing of any significance happens without taking risks.  Risks may mean not everyone will agree with you or stand behind your decisions.  Do you believe enough in your dream to take some risks?  Only risk takers make it to the cutting edge.

My take on Gary's Wisdom Tips.

I totally believe that everyone has a purpose for their life.  A purpose that gives them fulfillment - that makes them want to get up in the morning.  A purpose that isn't focused entirely on themselves but for the betterment of society.  Of course knowing what that purpose is may be a mystery in the beginning but if we listen to our heart clarity seems to come.  Be willing to take a risk in order to find your true purpose.