Saturday, May 26, 2018

Making It Happen TV with Guest Royal Wade Kimes

Royal Wade Kimes on the Music Stage 

of Making It Happen TV 

It's 2 o'clock on Saturday morning and since I'm still up working I decided to play Royal Wade's C.D.  I just had to share with everyone how much I enjoyed listening to his music.

I have a real love for "Love Songs" and Royal is a Master at writing them.  His C.D. titled "Love Of A Cowboy" kept me company as I continued to shuffle through papers.  

My favorite songs on the C.D. were Hello Lonely, Dust On My Heart, Always On My Mind, Maybe Tomorrow and of course Sweet Memories.  

One of the songs he sang on our stage was "Hello Lonely" which I dearly loved.  After listening to his other love songs I certainly want to have him back on the stage some day to sing a few more.

Royal is a true cowboy.  On the cover of the C.D. he gives his interpretation of COWBOY LOVE.  Here is what he said in his own words that I thought may be true of some other cowboys out there.  Ladies, this may be something you need to hear as well.

"Us Cowboy's sometimes have difficulty expressing ourselves when it comes to LOVE.  Oh, we know what we want to say, but sometimes it's just hard getting it out.  A cowboy is used to working horses, cattle and mending fences. He meets his daily tasks head on and takes on all comers.  He deals in real life.  He's tough bark on the outside, but tender and sentimental as anyone else on the inside.  What he sometimes that his special lady wants to hear soft words as badly as he wants to say them."

I truly enjoyed my time with cowboy Royal Wade Kimes.  Watch for his interview on Making It Happen TV in the near future.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Making It Happen TV with Guest Brant Fricker

Sometimes you meet someone and you instantly feel at home in their presence.  Brant Fricker is a person that is a friend to everyone he meets.

I had known Brant for several years and yet had never had the opportunity to interview him.  His talents go before him, so I was already aware of the gifts that God had placed within him.

On the day of our interview Brant hadn't gotten much sleep and drove in from West Texas totally exhausted, but determined to not let that stop him from giving us his best performance. 

I can tell you he didn't disappoint us.  Not only is Brant a talented musician and singer, but he is also a very funny guy who kept us all laughing. 

He asked me which jacket I wanted him to wear on the program and pulled out three for me to choose from.  I picked the one he was already wearing because it looked really good on him.  Unknowingly the bomber type jacket was lined with fur.  I had no idea he was in agony from the heat of the jacket, but he never said a word until the performance and his interview was almost over.  Needless to say, we all had a good laugh at his expense. 
Thank you Brant for being such a great guest and an amazing talent.

Monday, May 14, 2018

I had never met Juli Tapken before the day of our interview on the set of Making It Happen TV.   I was so impressed with her.  She is so humble about the talents that God has given her.   

Believe me, her talents are something to be proud of.  When she stepped on the stage to sing it was as if she was in a Broadway musical.  When I saw the demo of her acting parts I was amazed.  She is able to transform herself into any character that is required.  So when you wrap it all together, she is the whole package.  God knew what He was doing when He called her into the performance arena.  Keep watching for her name to pop up in movies and on television. 

Making It Happen TV Introduces Comedian John Fannell

After a few years of trying to combine our schedules, comedian John Fannell and I finally met on the set of Making It Happen TV.

I was so impressed with John.  He is a true gentleman with a very gentle and sweet spirit.

He tried a couple of new jokes on us and of course I was laughing the whole time.

I'm so blessed to have the opportunity to interview such talented individuals. 

If you have a chance to be at one of his comedy venues, I encourage you to go.  He is funny, warm and an all around good man.