Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Discovering the Way to Walk Out of Fear Part One - Victoria Lee

If I could rewrite the seasons of my life, I would choose never to be afraid. Instead, I would embrace the challenges that occur with a sense of wonder and amazement. I spent too many years allowing disappointments and trials to defeat me only to find out decades later the trials had been used as opportunities of growth.

Someone once said the word “fear” stood for False Evidence Appearing Real. Yet, for those who are challenged by fear, the adrenaline that runs through their body at that moment feels anything but false.

The good news is after many years of struggling with the debilitating effects of fear, I can tell you that fear really is the equivalent of a speck of sand we build into a giant pyramid in our own minds.

Our mind truly is our battlefield. Very seldom do the things we fear deserve the incredible negative attention we give them.

When I was a small child, my home life was very unstable. As a result, it helped set a pattern of expected defeat in my young mind. My father was an alcoholic and very abusive. My mother was extremely young and na├»ve; she really wasn’t capable of guiding me through the hurdles of life that terrified me.

To a child, the uncertainties often hide the truth in a situation. We fear the unknown because our past experiences have often proven to be everything we feared. In reality, the fear we exhibited magnetically drew the devastation to us.

Most parents of fearful children are living in a realm of fear themselves. This situation causes the cycle of fear to be repeated from one generation to the next.

If I could pass a bill in Congress, it would be one that requires all school systems to add a program to their curriculum that teaches children how to overcome adversity. The program would teach them how to “look at a glass as half full rather than half empty” or even “how to turn negative thoughts into incredible avenues of growth” -- in other words, a “NO FEAR” class.

The only thing you have to fear is fear itself –the belief in False Evidence Appearing Real.



Friday, May 6, 2016

Music Artist Promoter Jim Halsey's Wisdom Tip

Never Give Up

"In order to truly be successful, you have to believe in your dream.  When the hard times come you don't give up.  If you give up, somebody will be right behind you and pick up where you left off and finish your dream for you and you will be standing back wishing - what if."

My take on Jim's Wisdom Tip

I believe all God-given dreams are planted deep within you.  They are dreams that you know are bigger than you are. They stay planted in you and the desire never goes away.  You can go about doing other things but the dream stays with you wherever you go.  The key is believing in the dream and taking one step at a time until it comes from the dream state into reality.

Meteorologist Gary England's Wisdom Tip

Step Into the Unknown

No matter where life leads you, success is always right around the corner if you don't turn off too early onto the proverbial "dead end" road.

It is one thing to talk about what you want to accomplish, but quite another thing to actually step into the unknown arena and cause those dreams to come true.  Things of great value frequently appear in disguise.

Nothing of any significance happens without taking risks.  Risks may mean not everyone will agree with you or stand behind your decisions.  Do you believe enough in your dream to take some risks?  Only risk takers make it to the cutting edge.

My take on Gary's Wisdom Tips.

I totally believe that everyone has a purpose for their life.  A purpose that gives them fulfillment - that makes them want to get up in the morning.  A purpose that isn't focused entirely on themselves but for the betterment of society.  Of course knowing what that purpose is may be a mystery in the beginning but if we listen to our heart clarity seems to come.  Be willing to take a risk in order to find your true purpose.

Ronnie Dunn's Wisdom Tip

I love to go two-steppin and Ronnie Dunn has put out some great songs to dance to.   During our interview I sensed that even though he lives in Nashville, was born in Texas, his roots in Oklahoma still run deep.


Persistence and Perseverance

Everything has a time and a season.  If you are willing to sacrifice hours of hard work then success will come.


My take on Ronnie's Wisdom Tip

It's true that timing is everything.  It can be a struggle to wait until everything is aligned properly so that we can move forward with our desires.  So many people give up too quickly because the wait is so long - not realizing that the wait is building character.  Perseverance sometimes includes perspiration, but when the cool breeze blows it's so much more refreshing. 

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Pastor Eastman Curtis's Wisdom Tip

I've been fortunate to meet a lot of preachers over the years, but no one has been any more dynamic than Eastman Curtis. 


Be a Visionary

How do you make all your experiences come together to form the vision God has given you? 
Each day you take one step at a time, believing God to bring you through or over each hurdle.  Stay focused and believe in the vision God gave you or the drive to complete it will vanish.  The bigger the vision the bigger the promotion and the harder the struggle will be to get there.  Yet God is building character that only the struggles can provide.  Your faith will grow stronger as you conquer each hurdle.  Never stop dreaming because your next promotion may be linked to the very next person you meet.

My take on Eastman's Wisdom Tip

For so long I struggled with believing God for the simplest things.  I just didn't feel worthy enough to receive the things I needed, so I sure couldn't believe for the things I wanted.  I remember a very wise man saying, "Rehearse your victories" because in doing so you will realize all the things God did do for you.  Each victory is a faith builder, but you have to choose to allow the victory to remain on your list of God Moments, so you will recognize them the next time they arrive.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Gymnast Nadia Comaneci's Wisdom Tip

You never know each day who you are going to meet.  Watching the Olympics I would have never thought that some day I would be interviewing a Gold Medalist from another country right here in Oklahoma.


Focus on Your Destiny 

Staying focused and disciplined is the key to realizing success in any area of your life.  Great stuff doesn't come easy.  You create your own destiny.  By listening to others you glean from their ideas and create new opportunities.  When you have difficult times, instead of spending time feeling down take a step back, take a deep breath and rethink the situation.  Then you will make a good decision.

My Take on Nadia's Wisdom Tip.

I totally agree with Nadia's statement that "Great Stuff" doesn't come easy.  Not everyone becomes a Gold Medalist, an Award Winning Author, Famous Actor, Billboard Chart Singer or any other top of the chain professional without taking risks and spending grueling hours honing their talent.  Let's face it, if it came easy everyone would do it.   Some jobs and some careers are a walk in the park, because they don't require much stretching of our faith and abilities.  However, if you want to be greater than the norm you do what greatness requires.


Basketball Coach Sherri Coale's Wisdom Tip

Sherri Coale has one of those faces that reels you right in.  If you didn't know she was a basketball coach you'd never suspect it with her small frame and delicate features.  However, don't let her stature fool you - she knows exactly how to win a game.


Integrity Comes From Within

"Integrity is when you approach a stop sign at two o'clock in the morning and you actually come to a stop.  You know no one is looking and you could drive on through, but you don't because integrity says you do the right think even when no one else is watching."

My Take on Sherri's Wisdom Tip.


Other examples of Integrity are:
Not walking on lawns that say "Stay off the Grass"
When you push your shopping cart out to the parking lot and place its contents into your car, instead of leaving the cart to roll around freely, you place it in the proper location.
When you're shopping in a grocery store or retail store sometimes you change your mind about certain items you have placed in the shopping cart.  Instead of taking the item out of the cart and placing it on any shelf you happen to pass by, you return it to its original place.
The list of course is endless.  I think the most driving force within you if you aren't concerned about integrity is that nothing hidden is really hidden.   God sees it all.


Corporate Executive Xernona Clayton's Wisdom Tip

Xernona is a brilliant lady who has proven she deserves the spot she's held in the corporate world.


Your Word Builds Character

"If you give your word on something it has to have meaning.  If you say you are going to be somewhere at an appointed time then be there.  If you are late or you don't show up you are showing disregard and total disrespect for everyone else.  Even if your reason for being there was unimportant you still have to keep your word because it is a reflection on your character."


My Take on Xernona's Wisdom Tip

I remember interviewing a gentleman one day that said he used to make business decisions that only required a handshake to seal the deal.   I would just bet he wasn't able to do that unless someone knew he was a man of his word.



Pro Football Player Dennis Byrd's Wisdom Tip

Dennis is such an inspiration to everyone.  His triumph of overcoming adversity leaves us with the knowledge that all things are possible.  


Don't Let Limitations Stop You

What sets a person apart from others who have gone through great trials?
"It is their indomitable spirit, a spirit everyone has at their disposal, but few grab hold of it."
"Don't allow limitations that are either put upon you by someone or physical limitations to stop you from a dream you have."
"Don't focus on the things you can't do.  Focus on what you can do with such intensity that it becomes an unstoppable force."
"Be thankful for the little things."
"Time exposes a person's true intentions.  Time exposes a good heart and a bad heart.  If you are patient enough to be observant over a long period of time, you will learn about the people you are around."
"Time reveals everything and people's actions reveal themselves."
"You need time to see a person's actions so you will know the intent of their heart."

Journalist Bob Brown's Wisdom Tip

Bob Brown is a seasoned journalist and a true gentleman. During our interview, I remembered that all too familiar voice I had heard so many times as he reported stories that have touched all of our lives.


Taking Risks

"Nothing truly great happens unless there is some kind of risk involved.  The question then becomes are you willing to take the risk?  So many people are fearful when faced with unknown territory.  Often they let those fears keep them from some of the greatest rewards in life.  When a person's self esteem is lowest they tend to let opportunities pass them by for fear of failing once again."

My take on Bob's Wisdom Tip.

I never would have thought that I would be a risk taker.  In my earlier years I was so afraid of making a mistake that I turned to everyone else to tell me what to do.  While it is good to take advice from others, it can be damaging if you don't weigh their advice against where you are wanting to go in your own career. 
I remember six months after I started my card company in 1987 called "A Touch of Heart" by Victoria, my stepfather shared some of his earlier thinking about my venture.  He said, "I wanted to tell you that you are not an experienced business owner and so the corporate world is going to eat you alive."  Fortunately, he never voiced his opinion when I first stepped out into the risky deep waters. 
For six years I had my cards going all over the United States and Canada.  Without taking a risk I would have never known that I could do it and would have never been prepared for the next risk that was waiting just around the corner for me to pursue.

Musician and Singer Clarence Boyd's Wisdom Tip

Clarence Boyd was such an interesting interview.  He humored me by playing a couple of songs for me on his well-used piano.  What a great talent as well as a wonderful down to earth guy.

Dreamers Versus Visionaries

A dreamer only wishes he could do something, bur a visionary not only wishes, he does something to make it come to pass.


My take on Clarence Boyd's Wisdom Tip.

I remember years ago thinking since I have some talents that need to be revealed maybe someone will notice and knock on my door.   I was being a dreamer.  I know some people are discovered without doing a thing, but for most, it takes making yourself available by taking certain steps in the right direction.  That's being a visionary.

Oklahoma University President David Boren's Wisdom Tip

During my interview with President David Boren, here is the wisdom tip he left with me.
I must say, I was very impressed with this man and the way he conducts his life.


Service To Others

Service to others gives purpose to your life because what matters the most is what you give, not what you receive.  Ironically, in giving of yourself, you really find the purpose for your life.  The most insecure people are the ones who seem to be focused intently on themselves.  On the other hand, the ones who find a cause more important than themselves to invest in find that the ultimate happens.


Here's my take on President Boren's Wisdom Tip.


I had no idea when I was asked to write the newsletter for a well-known university that I would some day write several books.  At the time, I didn't even know I was a writer, but they saw something in me that I didn't see in myself.  However, my willingness to help highlight  people in their intended goals as graduate students, eventually led me to the realization that others enjoyed what I had to say.   So you never know how one simple act of obedience will open doors that you never intended to walk through.

Wisdom Tip from Baseball Star Johnny Bench

Here is a wisdom tip Johnny Bench told me during our interview for the Distinguished Oklahomans book.


The Vowels of Success 

"A" is the Attitude you have to have
"E" is the Effort and Energy you have to put forth 
"I" is for the You as an individual
"O" is for Opportunities that will come your way
"U" is for YOU - You are very special and you always have to treat yourself that way.
Strive to be the best in everything you do.  Not only will that bring you great success, but it will give you pride in yourself as well.

Here is my take on what Johnny said. 

Our Attitude each day either pulls people toward you or pushes them away.  Relationships are the key to any kind of success in life. 
The Energy and Effort you put forth shows whether you are really sincere in what you are doing.  If you don't put forth the effort then why would anyone else care about what you would like to accomplish. 
Opportunities are waiting around every corner.  It is up to you to recognize them when they show up.  If you aren't prepared to follow through with the opportunity presented to you someone else will accept the challenge in your place.
You are a unique individual with certain talents that make you who you are.  Don't settle for less than what you deserve by not feeling worthy to receive the best that life has to offer.  

Friday, April 1, 2016

Making It Happen with Guest Mike Rimmey

Making It Happen TV with Victoria Lee and Guest Russ Murphy

Victoria Lee's interview with Joesf Glaude and James Ruggles

Making It Happen with Guest Ann Downing

Allen Frizzell on Making It Happen TV

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Bob Bell - Bells Amusement Park

For the Christmas of 1946, before there was ever such a thing as go-carts, Bob’s dad made him a midget racer, which was powered by a Maytag washing machine motor.  After seeing what he had done, their next door neighbor approached him  about combining their skills and building rides which they could run on the weekends, to make extra money.  To start off, they built a miniature train, which was put on a track that circled their house at 2232 E. 8th Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  They didn’t charge for the rides, so it was kind of like a testing ground for them.  Later, his parents progressed to building small rides, which were placed on a playground, under the big screen at the local drive-in theaters.  After two or three years his dad and the neighbor dissolved and the neighbor went on to become a land developer, but Bob’s dad continued to make rides.
Bell’s Amusement Park became an Icon to the City of Tulsa.  I doubt if there is anyone in Tulsa who hasn’t experienced at least one time a stroll through the park.   At first glance, I don’t  think I expected Bob Bell to have the kind of heart,  I saw in him the day of our interview.  When I first saw him at the gate, he was busily attending to the functioning of a ride.  He appeared to be a man in a hat, with a pair of blue jeans on that was totally consumed in work.  However, as we went inside to talk, I saw a tenderness from this man, which brought tears to my eyes.  I asked him, if there was anything he would change in his life, if he could?  His words were “If you change anything, it changes everything.  I can’t even imagine not having the wife I have, or the children I have, or my role in life.  So No, I wouldn’t change a thing.”   “Wow, I thought.”

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Paul Harvey - Radio Personality

Paul Harvey - Radio Personality

  Who doesn't know the name Paul Harvey? In preparation for our interview in 2003 I was feeling very inadequate about talking to a man of his stature.  Understandably I was quite awestricken that God had given me the opportunity to interview him.  I was expecting  to be faced with an intellectual businessman that would speak to me in a matter-of-fact manner, but Paul Harvey was one of the warmest persons  I had ever spoken to.  His love for his wife, Angel and his admiration for Paul Jr. only added to his warm demeanor.  I've always had a hunger for wisdom that came  from experiences of another person's life, to match it with the caliber of moral character that exuded from Paul Harvey, made the experience ten times more enjoyable.  The words, "Hello Americans," immediately causes you to focus on a recognizable voice that you instantly trust.  Twenty-four million people will 'stand by' for Paul Harvey.  That's the number of loyal listeners who tune in every week to hear his skillful blend of news and views.  I'm a firm believer that "greatness" comes from God and I was so pleased to realize that Paul Harvey also recognized from where his blessings flowed.  Thank you Paul Harvey for staying on your knees in that West Virginia hotel until you became that "good leader."

As the story goes as told to me by Mr. Harvey, it was a cold winter night in late December just before Christmas when a knock was heard at the front door of his home in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  His Mama didn't know who was at the door, so she hid him and his sister Frances in a closet.  The next few minutes were to leave an indelible mark on all three of them.  His father Harry Harrison Aurandt was a dedicated Tulsa Police Officer, but that cold winter night was to be the last time he would perform the duties that he loved so well.  Standing before his Mama as she opened the door were the fellow officers who came to report the death of his father while he was on his nightly police watch.  

His mother Anna Dagmar Christiansen Aurandt, whom his daddy called Dagie, came from a very strong Danish background which he believed was attributed to her ability to stand firm and focus on her immediate priorities.

As Christmas approached Paul's Mama choked back the tears and was determined not to let the tragedy spoil the season for her children.  His sister Frances was ten years old and he was a small boy of three, but they strung tinsel and popcorn and draped it around the doorways and hung it on their Christmas tree.  From that day forward Christmas remained the most important time of the year, because his Mama turned the tragedy into a pleasant memory.  I'm sure that early experience had much to do with his continuing empathy for police officers.  He had never known an officer that was paid enough for what they do.

Growing up Paul attended Longfellow Elementary School and Horace Mann Junior High, before going on to Central High School while it was still located in the middle of downtown Tulsa.  He was inspired most of his life by three devoted teachers - an Elementary teacher named Mrs. Harp whom he fell in love with at the age of seven; a Physics teacher named Emmy  Hurst who stretched his imagination in Junior High; and a High School teacher named Isabel Ronan who spent a great deal of time influencing the direction of his life.  She encouraged him to appear in several school plays and involved him in oratorical contests.  Eventually she took him to the University of Tulsa so he could enroll in classes under the professional leadership of someone who was further helpful in teaching him to stand tall and breathe through his diaphragm.

One day when he was fourteen years old Mrs. Ronan took him to KVOO radio when it was located at the top of the Philtower Building.  She boldly marched him in to see the program director, and said, "This young man has the talent and ability to be on your radio station."  That was the beginning of his life-long career in radio and there was a lot of WKRP's in his background.

One of his most beloved memories is the time he got off the elevator at KXOK Radio in St. Louis and found himself staring into the eyes of a very beautiful and dainty blonde-haired young lady by the name of Lynne Cooper.  His first words to her were, "Is that your pretty white car that is parked out front?"  "Yes," she said.  "Well, you are taking me to the airport tonight," He confidently remarked.  Thankfully she accepted, and they had a lovely dinner together and he proposed to her that very night; of course she didn't say yes until three years later. Angel is the name he fondly called her.  She was the most feminine human he had ever met.

The second most important event of his life was the birth of their son, Paul Harvey Jr.  He paid his parents the highest compliment after he was grown by buying a house right next door to his parents. Eventually Paul Jr. began announcing his dad's morning program and sometimes substituted for him when he was away and no one could tell the difference in their voices.

When Mr. Harvey was a boy he attended a Church of God which happened to be right around the corner from his house.  Even though he had accepted the scriptural promise of "believe and be saved," at the same time, church only meant Sunday School picnics and being with his friends.  Later in life he was made to understand that if you don't live it, you don't believe it.  Billy Graham and Paul sort of grew up together.  Billy was still in Wheaton College when they first became friends; he had a pastorate out near their home.  There was a time when the two of them took a week off of their busy schedules to play golf in West Virginia and while they were in the hotel Paul said to Billy, "I don't want to be a leader."   However, Billy was very tenacious and he said, "Paul it doesn't make any difference what you want, you are a leader and we are going to be a good one or a bad one."  I think it would be dreadful if anyone in our position of "helping others," was himself leaderless.  If we are unguided missiles we are inevitably destined to self-destruct and destroy anyone who follows us;  I cherish the thought that I have God's constant guidance.  We all fall from time to time but those who deserve even a modicum of what the world calls success, gets up again and again and dusts themselves off. 

Paul Harvey said if he had but one message to pass along to his countrymen it would be that self-government will not work without self-discipline.  The daily news is filled with people making mistakes because they lack the self-discipline that it takes to make the right decisions.  He said he believes it takes the Holy Spirit to guide us, so whatever we need to do to find the strength for self-discipline, each of us needs to do it.