Friday, May 6, 2016

Meteorologist Gary England's Wisdom Tip

Step Into the Unknown

No matter where life leads you, success is always right around the corner if you don't turn off too early onto the proverbial "dead end" road.

It is one thing to talk about what you want to accomplish, but quite another thing to actually step into the unknown arena and cause those dreams to come true.  Things of great value frequently appear in disguise.

Nothing of any significance happens without taking risks.  Risks may mean not everyone will agree with you or stand behind your decisions.  Do you believe enough in your dream to take some risks?  Only risk takers make it to the cutting edge.

My take on Gary's Wisdom Tips.

I totally believe that everyone has a purpose for their life.  A purpose that gives them fulfillment - that makes them want to get up in the morning.  A purpose that isn't focused entirely on themselves but for the betterment of society.  Of course knowing what that purpose is may be a mystery in the beginning but if we listen to our heart clarity seems to come.  Be willing to take a risk in order to find your true purpose.

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